The importance of education in the United States.

There are plenty of ways to express one's American creed by action. For example my American creed is that every American has freedom and every American has an opportunity to do what they want in life with hard work and dedication. America gives foreigners and citizens the opportunity to get an education to better their life and help every individual to pursue their dreams. As a proud American citizen, I will therefore not give up my opportunity that the United States gives me and get my education to become a step closer to my dream.

All citizens living in the United States have the right to have a free education all the way up to high school possibly college etc. Although there are over 1.2 million student dropouts a year in the United States and 25% of high school freshman don’t graduate high school on time, but the individuals who successfully finish high school can get a good job and an easier life.     




ASU Preparatory Academy McDowell: 4th hour

Mrs. McDowell's 4th hour

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