I believe that opportunities should be distributed equally and shouldn't discriminate against differences.

The United States of America has been established as the “land of the opportunities” by not only its own people but also newcomers that have left their homes to make a living in America. People travel to America to seek economic opportunity, obtain religious freedom, or to escape war and difficult living situations. In the land of the free, it is easy to achieve those things but economic opportunity. We live in a country where opportunity is something that is awarded to one with hard work. Unfortunately, it is difficult to earn opportunity because there are limitations that are put on them. These limitations can be unfair and tend to discriminate against age, gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation etc. I believe opportunities should be distributed equally and shouldn’t discriminate against anyone.

One of the biggest opportunities that are offered to everyone towards the end of high school is college. College is considered a necessity by many and is said to set you up for the rest of your life which I believe. College is a major stepping stone and is needed if you want to be successful. College advertises themselves as being important to your future and being reachable for everything. College always forgets to advertise how college is financially unobtainable it is to get into a college. I’m aware that there are scholarships and other forms to pay for college but college is ridiculously expensive. Since 1980 the price of college tuition has increased by A dramatic 260%. The cost of tuition at an average college can range anywhere from $10,250 to $25,520 per semester and that doesn’t include any other fees. A person who is in the low class makes approximately anywhere from $32,500 to $60,000 annually which would make them capable of paying for only 5 semesters of college as suppose to those who are in the middle class who would only be able to pay for 9 semesters of college. College isn’t affordable for everyone and puts limitations on those who aren’t as wealthy as others.

Another opportunity that is offered to everyone is jobs and employment. Jobs are a person’s main source for not only financial stability but is also a crucial necessity. It pays for food, clothing, housing and other important investments. The only disadvantage about jobs is that they can single out those who don’t meet their criteria. Jobs can be and are strict with those of any kinds of differentiation. For examples, many people don’t get jobs because of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, legal status etc. A black woman named Mia Collins from Colorado said she didn’t get promoted because she was black. The position was handed to an unqualified Asian woman and when Mia questioned her manager his true intentions were revealed. Evidence showed that that the manager knew there were only two eligible employees. He knew Mia intended to apply but did not wait for the application deadline to expire.

I believe that there is still progress to be made with discrimination but believe it can be eliminated. Opportunities shouldn’t discriminate against people and their differences.We should embrace each other's differences and remind ourselves our differences are minor. We should remind ourselves that we are all one thing despite our differences and that’s human. Opportunities shouldn’t discriminate and should be distributed equally.




ASU Preparatory Academy McDowell: 4th hour

Mrs. McDowell's 4th hour

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