I wrote about what my American Creed was and what I thought needs to be done in America. Most of these ideals I learned about when I was writing this OpEd and some of them are things that I have learned as I live my life.

My American Creed. My beliefs, my thoughts of what America stands as. I believe that America should be a beacon, a beacon of new beginnings for thoses who need it. Why? We began as a colonies of immigrants. We seem to have forgotten that. We have become selfish and greedy, no longer do we welcome Immigrants or Dreamers. We say we’re the land of the free and home of the brave but we will never be free if we trap ourselves in a closed mind set and we aren’t brave enough to even try anymore.

Being an American makes you blessed we our blessed because if you’re an American you have the opportunity to become a Doctor, a Lawyer, or even a multimillionaire. America is called the land of opportunity for that reason and that's why people from all over come to America they want a life that is chosen by them. Marcos is an illegal alien whose family came to the U.S at a young age and he explains his thoughts. “ Despite the fact that my parents, own a restaurant: create jobs ; pay taxes. We are a problem.” Marcos is a first-generation college graduate and an activist who is trying to get dreamers a chance. In “Is Immigration Really a Problem in the U.S.?” Marcos says how he was never a problem until he tried to make a difference. I’ve seen how life is for many of my relatives in Mexico they don’t have the freedom to be what they want and achieve their goals.

My cousin was brought to America when he was just a few months old, he has lived his whole life here and knows little spanish yet he is still seen as an immigrant. He is about 23 years old now married and has a daughter but is still in the process of trying to be made a citizen. He was raised here his whole life but he can’t do all the things we can do because he isn’t a “American”. There are many people who have lived here there whole lives and were raised under the same flag as me and you but don’t have the same rights as us just because there birth certificate didn’t come from America.

America still stands as a beacon to foreigners all over, a beacon of new beginnings. We need to help those who Dream to have the rights that we all have they are Americans because were are they to go they don’t know the country they were born in they know this one, why can’t we welcome them. The American Creed that i believe in is there it stands strong. People may try to keep it all to themselves but i believe that America will always be this great beacon where everyone can choose the life that they want to live and we can all achieve our dreams because that's how it all began.




ASU Preparatory Academy McDowell: 1st hour

Mrs. McDowell's 1st hour

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