What the American Dream means to me and the U.S.

C.J. Snodgrass


American Dream Essay


The American Dream is a thought or feeling that drives the American population as well as new people importing to the United States. The American Dream is a really important part of being an American because it guides you in what you what to do with the freedom you have. In the United States,everyone has a different American Dream,but, consequently, dreams full in together to form a thriving United States.

First, if it wasn’t for the American Dreams the United States would be nothing but mediocre. For example, if everyone in the universe just wanted to stay mediocre ,then we wouldn’t have to half the intentions that we do now such as: cars, microwaves, and most importantly, Pizza Rolls. Without the American Dream America would be nothing but mediocre.

Next, the American Dream is something that you can always count on. For instance, life can and will get to you physically, mentally, and emotionally but the American Dream is what people depend on to keep on going, to take one more step, to go one more time, and thats what makes America what it is today...never giving up on your dreams no matter what you have to do to conquer happiness.

Most importantly, the American Dream is what keeps all the armed forces overseas as well as the armed forces at home to keep fighting the good fight to keep mine, yours, and everyone else’s freedom free until none stands in our way. Everyone thats not the United States strives to be just like us because we are the Dominant country on Earth. That enough makes us proud to be an American.

In conclusion, being an American is great because the American Dream drives us to get better and better each day avoiding mediocrity. The American Dream help fight the battles of everyday life to keep you happy;devotes and instills a sense of pride and purpose in American lives. According to The Huffington Post, some people on the outside looking in say the being an American is overrated but, I can promise you that we have plenty to be proud of;all because the American Dream.




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