In my American Creed essay I talked about discrimination and how it can affect certain people and why there should be no such thing as discrimination.

 Just for a minute I want you to imagine a world without discrimination. Everyone is treated the same. Not treated the same with jobs and money but treated fairly by others, treated fairly by your peers. In a world with no discrimination there would be no problems, obviously but everyone would be so much happier and the world would be a better place. I realize this will not happen but even small issues of discrimination like not being friends with someone because of their social or economic status can have big effects on people and solving the small problems could lead to big change in the problem of discrimination. I believe that all people are equal and should be treated equally by all people.

One reason why I believe there should not be any discrimination is because there is no reason to discriminate. Many people I am sure would disagree with this but if you really get to thinking about discrimination, there is absolutely no reason to. All people are different and have their own flaws and these differences should be embraced and not rejected and discriminated against.

Furthermore, the Founding Fathers wanted equality for our country. In The Constitution, it states “No state shall . . . deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” This was included in the Fourteenth Amendment and was supported by a Michigan senator named Jacob M. Howard. This was created to grant citizenship and fair treatment under the law to all people born in the U.S. This proves that even the men high up in the government thought that less amounts of discrimination could be a good thing for this country and history clearly shows that it is a good thing because if you compare times between now and when discrimination was much higher today is amuch better society to live in.

Finally, there is a problem with education and discrimination. It has been proven that, even though this sounds wrong, but in schools with mixed populations of races, African Americans are discriminated against and get more detentions and suspensions then their peers who are white. In my high school, I think this kind of holds true. Whenever I hear about someone being suspended they are usually African American. And African American people always coomplain about being discriminated against. This doesn't happen often but when it does the individual is usually African American. When this happens to African American students other schools may not want them or not want to deal with them and this can start a domino effect and could mess up their future. One more thing that has to do with education and discrimination is that schools with mainly african americans get less funding than a school with predominantly white population and this can be shown in urban areas like Detroit.

In conclusion, I believe that all people are and should be treated equally without discrimination. If there was no discrimination it could solve small problems like someone making a new friend or bigger ones like getting children of certain races a better education and making people more successful. So if I want you to take one thing from this essay, it is this: Next time you go to judge someone, stop and think about what you could to to help that person not judge them. It will make you and the person you helped feel better.  




Royal Oak High School Lundy Language Arts

Angela Lundy's ELA 9 classes 2017-18.

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