Americans have a history of being inspired by their own society, and the people around them.

Mr. Weeks’ class is just another class to sit through, nothing special about it. I'm talking with my friends before class starts, then Mr. Weeks says "ok y'all", his signature opening line. Time to listen. He announces everyone to get into groups, because we are going to work on a new project. He says we will be building a self-driving power-wheels car. Building it completely ourselves. I have no idea how to do this, but many ideas. The creativity in all the directions we could go in the project is incredible. My group members are a little confused on what we should do, but I have a lot of ideas. I feel inspired, I could do great things with this project.

Americans are inspired to do great things by the people around them. They are greatly inspired by others, whether it be their fellow citizens, organizations, or the government itself. A great way to support this comes from our nation’s history. In World War 2, the government put out a large propaganda campaign. American’s for once in a long time felt inspired, that they could make a difference, that they could help their country fight for something that mattered. They felt it their moral obligation. Everything was supporting the war effort, saying you should sign up for the military, or you should be saving supplies for the troops. The extreme amount of nationalism inspired Americans to support what they believed was a very noble cause. Before the war and all the propaganda, the nation was in an economic slump, and nothing great was happening. Once the propaganda started, production increased tenfold. Millions of Americans went to war, conserved supplies for the soldiers, and worked in factories making weapons for the military. It was a very inspiring time in the nation’s history, and helped us do a lot of great things.

But we have also had a lot of not so great things. The recent shootings in schools all over the country are very saddening, and many of the kids who had to experience these events are fed up with this country and it’s gun laws. As such, they have started protesting the government for stricter gun control. Many people, young and old, from all across the country were inspired by these brave individuals, their ability to stay strong even in a time of crisis, and have joined their movement in the protest to keep people safe. They feel like they are important, that they can make a difference in the government. These Americans have done great things, and may actually be able reform the government as a whole.

Like I said in the introduction, I was inspired in Mr. Weeks’ class to make a great project. I wanted to make the best autonomous toy car the world had ever seen. I worked diligently, working before school, and during lunch. By the middle of the project, it was clear that we were ahead of everyone else in the class. We were building an amazing project. Even Mr. Weeks was impressed. That project was the reason I loved that class. It inspired me to buy a computer kit, and start making cool fun projects from home. It really inspired my interest in computers, and what I learned from the project will help me for years to come. I can confidently say that the project will affect the outcome of my life.

Americans, throughout history, have done great things because of how they’ve been inspired. Whether it be the government bringing people together, and inspiring everyone to help the nation; or be of their own free will, protesting for what they think is right, or learning their life goals from their instructor. It comes down to Americans being inspired by their fellow Americans.




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