Acrostic poem about my American Creed. My claim is that the basic AMERICAN DREAM can be expressed however anyone truly wants it to be. Thus, my poem describes primary ideas that I personally believe fulfilling the AMERICAn DREAM is.

Always open to welcoming new individuals

Meaningful peer relationships

Equality for all people, races, genders, etc.

Rights for any human

Individual thoughts, representation, choices, etc.

Creativity in the mind

Achievement of ideas, goals, etc.

Numerous opportunities for everybody

Determination among citizens

Religious expression and freedom

Each idea is heard out

All achievements are prideful

Multiple options for citizen futures

A main thought is general freedom.  For all people.  That is supposed to be the beauty of America, isn't it?  Along with hearing out others' ideas, having numerous options for people to choose from in terms of opportunities, etc.  Creativity is immense, as anyone can say or do anything that they put their mind to (as long as it follows morals, that is).  Having relationships with other people is also a stand-out idea.  Gaining awareness and other ideas from other people is vital to maintaining purposeful thoughts.  People should have pride!  Especially when they accomplish anything that matters to them.  Don't put others down, raise them up the way you hope to be.  Equality.  Rights.  It is not even a question at this point.  People deserve the same rights that everyone else does, what sense does it make to have that be separate?  The American Dream is one for anyone to interpret, though there are some key staples.




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