The American Dream is an ideal that has shaped the United States throughout history. While many people believe that it is dying, I believe that, maybe it is just changing. Maybe the American Dream doesn't have to be the same for everyone.

The American Dream.

The ideal that shaped this country's history, but is that all it is?

A part of our history?

People flock here to find something for themselves,

Stability, opportunity, prosperity,

And we hear how more and more they fail to get what they need,

fail to find their supposed American Dream, and yet,

they still come here.

Is the American Dream dying, or has it evolved?

Changed to fit the times, to fit each individual's goals and feelings about this country?

For an optimist, the Dream might be similar to what it's always been,

Work hard, become successful, achieve what you never could before. 

But what about the pessimist, those who believe the Dream is dead and should stay dead?

They might see all that is wrong in this country, and believe that we are falling apart at the seams.

They might protest and yell and yell in order to get their voice heard,

As is their freedom to do so.

To them, is the Dream dead, or is it different?

Perhaps their Dream is to bring about change through their words,

To make life better for their fellow citizens. 

As for me, I'm not sure what my Dream is yet, 

But I have the freedom to create my own. 

It is my belief that the American Dream can be broad,

can be different for everyone,

can reflect your beliefs and experiences and goals. 

Here is my creed:

The United States is flawed, 

We rely on a structure of government that was made long before most of our current issues were a problem,

We as a people are polarized, and compromise is nowhere to be found.

So many people don't feel safe when they should be protected. 

And everyday there is a new issue, a new tragedy, a new protest,

and I find that I simply cannot keep up with them all.

And yet,

The freedom to protest is one that cannot, and will never, be taken away.

We live in a country where so many different types of people live and interact with each other, 

Where different cultures and beliefs intermingle and interact with each other. 

As a woman, I am free to vote, to get an education, to get a job, to do things some other places don't allow.

And I know overtime my creed will change, 

but I live in a place where it is allowed to grow and change and evolve.

I don't know what I want for my future or what my Dream will be, but I have the freedom to find out.

Maybe I am overly optimistic, and I know that I am naive in many of the issues this country faces.

That for every person that agrees with my beliefs, there will be many more to argue against them.

But that is what the United States truly is,

The freedom to love this country,

The freedom to hate it,

The freedom to find your own American Dream.




Bay High School 1st Block

1st Block AP Gov

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