My American creed is the idea of freedom, and prosperity, even if it causes conflict.

My American Creed is the idea of freedom, and opportunities, even if it causes conflict. America has always seen as the land of opportunity. The land where people can achieve anything they put their mind to. We also have the freedom to take that for granted. We have the freedom to speak up for what we believe in, and the freedom to disagree with our leaders. America is in a constant state of division. to most, that is a bad thing, but to me that statement expresses how blessed we are to be free. 

For hundreds of years, immigrants have been moving to the United states to try and live out their "American Dream." To everyone, the definition of "American Dream" is different. It could mean living a life of prosperity, and wealth, or it can be living a simple life filled with happiness, and loved ones. With hard work, and dedication, i believe that it is possible for anyone to live out their "American Dream" in the United States. We have to thank our veterans for our freedom that we enjoy today. Our government doesn't control us, and we have the freedom to live any life that we choose. Our citizens are filled with optimism, and ambition. They do everything they can to live their American Dream so that they, and their families will succeed. "We the People" are the reason why America is the country it is today. 




Bay High School 2nd Block

2nd Block AP Gov

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