From each area's distinct landscape to its traditions, from big cities to small towns; America is made up of truly diverse places and people that create one United States.

Every winding road leads to somewhere, to someone, or something. What makes America so unique is that you'll never know exactly where a road will take you. With the vast size of our country, it's not hard to see differences between places. Whether between regions, states, or even cities, America's geographical differences shape our country into its diverse being today. 

When I see different pictures of landscapes or national parks it is hard to believe that they are in America. From glaciers in Alaska and red canyons in Arizona; to the rocky shores of California and the rolling plains of Iowa; to the marshes in Florida and the mountains in Virginia, the geographical makeup of America spreads across all categories. 

With such drastic differences between our landscape from place to place, America not surprisingly has differences in its people. If we can learn to appreciate the differences of all Americans like we can appreciate the differences of our landscape, we will be one step closer to becoming a more united United States. Finding such beauty and respect in landscapes different from that in which we live can help us learn to do the same with people who we might think are different from us. 

Whether peoples' differences are in belief, culture, ethnicity, or tradition, accepting and appreciating these differences is so important to help unite our country. Everyone and every place's differences create what is so special about America. 

Accepting the variation of both people and places in America is a crucial step toward our future success as a country. Without the same admiration that we give to our unique landscapes, how can we work together as a unified country that consists of so many different groups of people?




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2nd Block AP Gov

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