How do diverse Americans understand the American creed? While every American has their own unique set of goals they want to reach, underneath that; every American has a similar creed to work towards success.

For every single American, the idea of the American creed is so different. People from diverse backgrounds each have their own unique goals and dreams that they strive for in America. The idea of the American dream was idealized by immigrants who were fleeing their homelands in the hopes to come to America for a better life. In America people could be famous, they could be movie stars, they were citizens of a free land. But how do diverse people view the American creed now? Americans see the American creed in a diverse set of ways through the circumstances of their environments. 

Someone who lives in the rural midwest will naturally have a much different viewpoint of the American creed than someone who has lived in an urban city their entire life. In the rural midwest someones creed could be to own their own farm and make good money selling their crops. While someone living in a city might aspire to become a successful businessman, working in a skyscraper. But underneath all of this, every single American dreams of the same goals and hopes. 

America is known for being a land of opportunity and success, and a place where people can become who they want. The United States citizens are people who have ambition, ambition to work towards something better for themselves and future generations. No matter how different what they are striving to become or get is, every American deep down has the same drive and ability in themselves to achieve whatever their creed may be. 




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