My American creed.

My American Creed lies in the freedom we as Americans have to protest, and speak our minds. 

As technology and its abilities grow throughout the nation, it is used to spread word on injustices and wrongdoings throughout the country. Within technology, social media itself can be an amazing platform for people to share their stories and other important events. The freedom given to every American of speech and protest is intertwined on social media as users spread awareness and information on protests happening across the country. As a student, I see my peers using their voice daily to spread their views on important topics. For example, after the tragic Uvalde school shooting in Texas, students organized a school wide walkout to honor the lives of the victims and demand change. This exemplifies the importance of using speech and protest for good. 

A similar point can be found within school clubs and activities. Groups including SAGA and Students for Diversity are able to speak their mind on prevalent topics while not having to worry that their will be any negative consequences for simply having a conversation.  This use of free speech stems from a core American belief, everyone has the same liberty to use their voices.

On a larger scale, news sources both televised and written can spread speech. This speech, being both factual and opinion based, is rarely restricted and can give Americans valuable information. Hand and hand with this goes with the freedom to assemble and protest. News sources can spread information on protests on a national scale, and get the attention of political figures to make changes. Without this freedom of speech and protest, change could never be made in America.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the freedom of speech and assembly allow you to not participate, and simply not speak. For example, it is not required that you stand for the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem. The roots of American beliefs and viewpoints are based on the idea that your speech is valid, no matter if you decide to use it or not. This ideal is inherently American, and not being forced to participate in nationalistic routines is important; and without it America would not truly be the America we know it as today.

The freedom every American has to speak and protest is the truest quality of this country there is. That is why it is: My American Creed.




Bay High School 4th Block

4th Block AP Gov

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