This poem is about keeping in touch with one’s individualism through times of trouble. The first stanza is the claim, and the other 4 are evidence supporting America's notion of individualism.

Through all these times of despair,

It is important to stand tall.

For if we don’t remain our individual selves,

Everything could fall.

Abraham Lincoln broke away from the standard,

He created a better life for many.

These people were freed because he chose free thought,

Now his face is on the penny.

Rosa Parks once stood all alone,

She took charge on that bus.

She made a big difference for others and herself,

And without her we would not be us.

John Locke preached what we know,

To have our own individual freedom.

He impacted how we function today,

His words are on display in a museum.

I know about individual freedom,

I know it all too well.

I have been encouraged to be a leader,

So much that I could excel.




Bay High School 4th Block

4th Block AP Gov

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