There are many different ways people can express their American Creed and improve the community and bond in the US.


People can show their American Creed through serving this country, volunteering, and freedoms because of the community and bonds that are formed.
Without people serving this country, the country wouldn't be what it is today. People are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect and serve this country. Many people are willing to go to service academies and enlist to protect this country. While they are there they form a bond and protect each other. They have each other's backs and are willing to do anything to protect the country. Those who enlist and go to service academies know the dedication and commitment it is to go there. It's their choice to go there. They feel that they must serve and protect this country to make it a better place and that is how people show the idea of the American Creed. Serving has always been a part of the American Creed. Dating back to the revolutionary war when America gained its freedom from Britain. Although they weren't all the greatest people, they had the same dream that still lives within us today. We all live on the idea of freedom and equality which is what I believe makes this bond and community that represents the American Creed and makes America so strong. When those ideas of freedom and equality are infringed upon people can reform and protest the government. People pledge to the flag and serve to protect the flag that many Americans fought and died for. When the country is in danger people defend the country.
Every individual helps this country in different ways. Along with service, people can volunteer. People volunteer in shelters and help homeless people. They realize that there are people, other Americans, who are struggling and sacrifice their time to help. Americans volunteer their time to help others without pay. When people see problems in their country they sacrifice their time to fix them. Volunteering forms these communities each helping a different part of the country that is broken. Some people work in food shelters, help the environment, help people with tasks, and so much more. People perform the American Creed and create the bonds that hold the nation together. Without people volunteering then America would become corrupt and all money-based and people would focus on their needs. The idea of an American Creed would be forgotten and the unity of a similar idea would be lost.
Not only is volunteering a way that people can show their American Creed the sense of freedom is another way people can express the American Creed. Freedom of speech is a very important way that Americans express the American Creed. Every American has the right to their own opinions and voices their opinion. When people share common opinions they form bonds and communities that try to get their opinions heard by the government. They voice their opinions in different ways seeking change in the government. They want new legislation created that will allow their problems to be fixed. When people see problems they speak and protest for change and those rights are protected by the government. We Americans are given the freedom to petition against the government along with the freedom of speech. As Americans, we can petition for a change in the government to change for the better. People can lobby, write letters, e-mail campaigns, etc. Everyone American is given this freedom under the 1st amendment and can perform the freedom to petition whenever they want to. People petition for anything, whether that be at a local level to the white house. We come together and these freedoms allow us to express our American Creed. The freedom of speech and the freedom to petition allow for us as Americans to come together and form a community strengthening the American Creed.
Everyone has different ideas of what the American Creed is, but everyone can express their American Creed in some way. Whether that be serving the country, volunteering, or the freedoms given to us as Americans, we can express our American Creed and strengthen the community and bond that we share.




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