My American Creed

When you ask someone, "What is your American Creed?" the most common reaction to the question is "I don't know." That's how I felt answering the question to this piece. I really had to take the time to try and understand the question and evaluate all the possible ideas that had eventually popped into my mind. After spending this past Memorial Day outside with friends and family, I thought about the meaning behind the holiday and all the men and women who have died serving for our country, serving for me. They sacrificed their lives to protect our country from foreign invasion. The strong desire to go out there and protect the ones you love, protect your friends, enemies, people you don't even know, and those you will never meet is one of the most selfless acts that I believe is apart of being an American and having pride within yourself and your country. 

In my house, my brother and I grew up with the teachings that we should respect those in law enforcement, those serving, and first responders because they put their lives at risk every time they fight for us, protect us, save us, or "go on a run" as my dad would say. Two of my uncles are police officers, 2 have served in the army, and my dad and 2 of his brothers are firefighters. My dad has pledged an oath to protect the city of Cleveland and everything within. I have always looked up to him and everything that he's done because I know that not everybody is fit for the job. There is a lot of pride in our family and I believe that the values that have been instilled in me from a very young age have helped to shape me into the person I am today. 

This brings me back to the question of What is my american creed? Every american is born into their lives with natural rights. They have the opportunity to go out and get an education, work, and do the hobbies they love without being discriminated against. They have the right to be equal to their neighbor in regards to gender, race, etc. They are protected in any case of emergency, whether it be city wide, state wide, or a national emergency, they will always be protected by other Americans who go out on a limb to defend their nation. All in all, I find it difficult to put into words that represent how it feels and what it means to be who I am as an American citizen, but I know for sure that I am grateful. Not everybody is able to experience the freedoms that we do which is mind blowing to me and makes me forever grateful that I was born and raised in America and very proud of the place I call home.




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