The first amendment is essential in building a better nation for future generations.

In the United States today it is so critical we have free speech, as without it the most significant power of the people is lost. The First Amendment during its history has been used to gain minority rights, hold the government accountable, and allowed for everyone's voice to be heard. I feel that this makes it the most powerful and greatest amendment. Looking into the future, the first amendment is crucial to building a better nation because it allows the people to be heard and the everyday acts of the government to be reported on and checked. 

If we look throughout the brief history of the United States we can see at the center of all major change is the people. Examples of this are Women's Suffrage, the Civil Rights Movement, and the LGTBQ+ community in their push for equality currently. As every time a group is underrepresented or a minority group pushes for equality the reason they can is the first amendment as it allows for them to protest, petition, and speak out. In the future more groups we can't see now will fight for equality and keeping the first amendment the same is essential for other groups to also earn equality. The First Amendment will be critical for all generations to be able to build a better nation. 

The First Amendment is not only a tool for the people to use but is a huge check on the government. Thinking back to the Watergate Scandal and the Pentagon Papers that got published and got covered widely by the news. Freedom of the press was the only reason this was allowed, as the government tried to stop publishment or cover up things, but in both these cases, the government was held accountable for their lies and deception. Nixon resigned and the war in Vietnam came to an end. The First Amendment is necessary in the future in order to protect and educate the people who hold the votes necessary to change those in office. The biggest check on the government is the First Amendment. 

In the future, the First Amendment will help create major change because it allows for the people's voices to be heard and serves as a check on the government's power. The different parts of the first amendment such as freedom of speech, press, and assembly all will play a part in the betterment of the nation in the future. 




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