A poem about "The Man". It describes the invisible figure(s) that run the country that, ultimately, are the only ones who truly benefit from our current system.


This is the land of the free

But not for you and me

Only for The Man we don't know and can't see


This is the home of the brave

Until The Man in charge caves

And then send away those that they cannot save

But still, from their high towers, they wave

The morals on which our country was built

Seem to change when the party lines tilt

Yet The Man keeps all the pride and we get all the guilt

We are told we can be anything throughout our youth,

but much quicker than I'd like to admit, we learn the truth

and while we struggle to break even, The Man watches smugly from his private theater booth

Over and over we fight and scream

For someone to show concern and vouch for our team 

But alas, we watch as The Man becomes the only one to achieve the American Dream




Bay High School 2nd Block

2nd Block AP Gov

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