A poem describing what the American Creed means to me.

What is your American Creed?

Is this Question based on your thoughts? 

Or your deeds?

America is place full of promise and light.

Most people come here for a fresh start.

Even if they have to put up with a fight. 

The descriptions that speak American to me is hard work, service, participation and pride. 

Hard work.

This is part of the concept of which is  American Creed.

You have to find where the opportunities lurk. 

With your passion and pride

Put forth your effort to make your country great. 

And work will pay off for both your families' side.


The military is part of the soul of this country. 

If service is your calling, the soliders wont make you nervous.

Their American Pride stays strong in their heart. 

Through water and land their fight to keep this country safe. 

The confidence and joy that will result will keep you going from the start. 


Democracy is is a government that is run by the people.

You can stay informed on current events through research and education. 

Participation is not only exercising your right to vote. But also your right to assembly and speech. 

When something makes you upset, it's part of your deed to make your voices seen. 

So when in doubt, use your rights to show your spark and light and be sure to practice what you preach.


America's love their celebrations.

4th of July, memorial day, presidents day and many more to take with a stride.

Show your support with flags and speeches. 

Use your voice to explain what America really is. 

From hard work to pride and many other descriptions...

The American Creed is whatever you make it out to be!




Bay High School 4th Block

4th Block AP Gov

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