My American Creed

My American Creed is the idea of free will. I believe nothing is given to you, you choose to succeed or you choose not to and your success can be viewed through higher education, career path, family, and character. This is defined by choices in life that will construct your future and success. Hard work and dedication can get you whatever life you wish to have here in America. 

Free will is illustrated in ones's choice of pursing higher education at a college. You have to work hard throughout high school to achieve academic success to be accepted into a higher education. You choose to put in the effort and show up for no one but yourself. No one can do the work for you therefore you are self motivated to put your head down and get through it. The commitment to finishing college to not be in trenches of debt is you choosing to succeed. A college degree is not given to you it must be earned. 

Also the choice of a career path which can lead to higher income connects to the idea that nothing is given and one must work for his or her success. If you want the freedom to spend limitless amounts of money you must work for it. 

Another example is family, some individuals define success as happiness which can be brought about by family. A family is something you choose to do and the happiness that comes from it being raised by you. Hard work and dedication that is needed to have a successful family is not given to you. 

Lastly, character is the moral qualities distinctive to an individual and one can only earn true success through working hard in the right way. The freedom given to you as a citizen give you the power to whoever you want to become. You are not given a person to be in this world. You have to make yourself who you want to be, living in the United States gives you that ability. 

The free will you have to be whoever you want to be and put in the work to do is it my Amerian Creed. 




Bay High School 4th Block

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