Our families are all unique and there are no families that are exactly the same. Many people immigrated to this country to avoid war, famine, or discrimination against their people. People came over at different times for different reasons from different places, and that is what make families special. They hold the history of all of these things that have happened and why they happened. This is why I feel that family is the perfect representation for my American Creed, just like all of America it is just people that all have different stories that have come together in one place with hope to start a new life. And that is exactly what they have done.

The people around us have a huge influence on us, whether it be about what we do, what we eat, and what sports team we root for there are always people trying to sway your opinion to what they want you to think or do. All these people in your family or your community that come from different backgrounds and have had different experiences and bring different knowledge to the table. All these people coming together makes for change and progression in society. When people get together and discuss what they know and have be through they are able try to come up with ways to better society to cut out all the evil. This again relates to my American Creed that people from all different places and experiences coming together is what makes America the country that it is and unique in its own way




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