My American Creed

People can better express American creed by promoting and participating in pushing equality in both race and gender.

When I think of American creed, I immediately think of equal opportunity paired with equal rights not only defined by the government but exercised by the people. My first example of this is equal voting rights. When the United States government finally allowed both women and African Americans to vote, our country's leaders were finally direct representations of our citizens. Doing this allowed everyone to help make change and to make their opinion more than just an opinion but a step forward. But there also needs to be more than just equality in law. When rules banning discrimination in hiring processes were laid down, on paper things were great. But when clear patterns in lack of management of women and African Americans arose, there was a clear issue in the People of America not the government. And this needs to change. Taking steps like diversifying schools and workplaces helps to allow different cultures and ethnicities to intermingle and bond. This is what we need to do to push equal opportunity in AMerica, and this is what we need to do to push the American Creed.




Bay High School 4th Block

4th Block AP Gov

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