How can you express your American Creed through action? Included is a documentation of ways my community has expressed American Creed through action.

Recently, my community has expressed American Creed through action. Expressing your American Creed through action can be as simple as showing kindness to a fellow neighbor or by participating in a walkout/social protest. 

On May 26, 2022, my school staged a 21-minute walkout against gun violence because of the Uvalde school shooting that occurred this past week. Many of my fellow peers organized the event and informed each other about what we can do to combat gun violence. In the front lawn of the school, many students held up signs raising awareness against gun violence. By doing something as simple as a walkout, you are showing American Creed through action. It shows that you are exercising your First Amendment right (free speech and assembly) and are making sure that your voice is heard in the government. 

Another way my community has expressed the American Creed through action was by assembling an event called Light the Night. Light the Night is a community event where the school partnered with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to show support for students who are fighting childhood cancer. This event does a great job at uniting the community against cancer and speaking out with information about what the society can do to help. By participating in an event like this, you are expressing your American Creed through action. Like a walkout, you are taking a stand for a greater cause. 

In addition, another way my community has shown American Creed through action is by volunteering. Bay Presbyterian Church has a volunteer opportunity called Feeding Souls. As a volunteer, you help prepare food for the homeless in Cleveland. Like the rest of these, by volunteering, you are expressing American Creed through action. When you are volunteering, you are helping out your community, and thus, making a better world. 

Finally, my community does a great job at expressing American Creed through action by having polling places. Bay has three different polling places around town. Many people do a good job encouraging their neighbors/friends to register to vote. By voting in the election, you are participating in our democracy and expressing American Creed through action. 




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