This is what I believe it means to be an American and what qualities they should exhibit.

There is no clear definition for what an American is supposed to be; I immigrated to this country from Pakistan at the age of one–without knowing any English. I watched the struggles my parents faced as immigrants to the United States, which taught me what it means to achieve your dreams. Since the day I walked onto American soil, I have realized that being an American means working hard even though your efforts may not be recognized, caring for others, working together, and accepting everyone.

Working hard to prove yourself is a quality seen in everyone. Americans indeed have more opportunities than others, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t work hard. Being an American means that you understand that working hard isn’t always enough. Minorities have to work harder whether it comes to standing out in their work area or just in society itself.  Some groups of people, including minorities, have to work harder to be recognized than others; this proves that putting in the effort to be hard-working is part of what it means to live as one of many Americans.  

Americans also should care for the well-being of others. A true American tries to comfort and support people who are in need. For example, when my family immigrated they always had someone in their corner to help when they were in need. In addition, Americans can exhibit care for others by offering support and help to others; I have seen this kind of help in my life with volunteering and charity work.  To be an American, it means to have everyone's best interest at heart, even if it may not be easy. 

Americans should work with and accept one another. These individuals are selfless and work to create a better community. Being an American means accepting each other and never leaving anyone behind.  For example, when a group of people get together and listen to each other they are exhibiting what it means to accept each other.  Working together builds strong relationships that each person should have. Furthermore, when people work together for issues that affect society, they prove what it means to work together for a cause; they prove that America is more than just a country.

All in all, I believe that an American is someone who sees the good in others and is willing to help others reach their goals; they are hardworking, caring, accepting, and collaborative.  




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