My poem is a letter to you all. Althoug it's pretty short it touches on several things in america. I used Repition in this poem because the rhyme and rhythm is important to me. I just think you'll feel it relatable and etc. I hope you enjoy!

Dear Americans ,

What does it mean to be me?

Does it mean to be free?

To escape the enslaved of mind and get back to the root of your own tree

To pledge allegiance , One nation but are we really one?

The things our people have done should have never took place and begone

The desire to see your nation succeed , strive , and love each other

Having the privilege to know and honor one another

What does it mean to be me?

An American that stands for something even greater than the national anthem Family, Friends, Peace, Love, Happiness , Freedom , and Equality

Everyone being equal and having this same advantages not thinking you’re better than the next woman or man

Knowing your place in society but what role are you really playing? Hopefully it’s being positive, helping others, and encouraging kids imaginations

Being born in America is such a great thing but is it so great that we elected a president that seems to mess up everything?

We should still feel special as an American in our own way as an confident, honorable, an amazing place

It’s so special a lot of immigrants love to stay, Yes I said immigrants are you surprised?

Yes they are to be treated equally too and not miniaturized

Most americans ancestors were probably immigrants too; your great grandmother, your great grandfather, or even your parents

That does not take away their self independence or freedom a lot of us could bare it

I love being an American and being me I’m free to chase my American dream

I am free to believe I can be anything I want to be , My education it is free and writing this poem is what I believe

It gives you freedom to do what you want to do, so don’t Be fluke be you! an true American

Sincerely, Jayla Kelley an true American 




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