America's Obligation?

This poem is about how america is being sterotyped to be this amazing country. With stereotyping some things maybe a little true but theres truth to everything that comes with a good and a bad...But really the choice of a certain lifestyle is based souly upon the person at hand..

American Creed

Being American means

Living out your dreams and being free.

But with freedom there's a cost

Most Americans feel like they’re at a loss.

Taken for granted;

Everything that's been granted.

What’s the pledge when asked

Most Americans are on edge.

Maybe it’s freedom Maybe it’s not;

But one man’s trash is

Another man’s treasure.

American Creed American seed

It’s implanted we’re free but really are we?

It’s implanted this is the land of opportunity

But is it?

Maybe it is Maybe it isn't but

Being American means a lot












All these things is what being American means.

Being American is a choice

Being American is choosing our own destiny.

Being American is making history.

Being American can change a lot.

Being American you get more than one shot.

Being American the sky's the limit.

Being American can be good or bad.

What type of american will you become?

The choice is yours.

Oak Park High School - Oakland Writing Project

Haun - 1st Hour


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