This is a poem about how people view America, but I tell you how things really are here. I purposely did not capitalize the "A" in America to show that are not as great as most people think. The "A" won't be capitalized till we change, hopefully for the better.

This is america,

Land of the free,

But yet it holds 25% of the wolrds prisoners,

This is america,

Land of equal opportunity,

For those who have the necessary resources,

This is america,

Police serve and protect,

But yet those they swore to serve and protect are scared to death of them,

This is america,

Land of peace and love,

But yet it has so much hatred and violence,

This is the United States of America,

But yet we are so divided,

This is america,

Land of progression,

But yet it took us so long to accept gay marriage,

This is america,

The most diverse country in the world when it comes to everything including religion,

Yet we all pledge alligiance under one god

This is america,

Land of justice,

But yet it is nowhere to be found here,

This is america,

Land of the brave,

And yet everyone here is afraid of our future,

Now is america,

Land of lies,

But i think its about time everyone opens their eyes as to why america will be the cause of its own down fall if we dont change

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