In my essay I talk about the American creed and how it relates to the American dream. I compare and contrast the actual definition of the two historical terms.

      The American creed has been apart of history for years. The American creed gives people reason for why they came to America. I would call America the place of chance. Everyone in America has equal opportunity to become wealthy. The American Dream is a goal that each individual citizen in the U.S. tries to achieve. A lot come close but only a few really achieve success in america. The actual definition of the word american dream ‘’ is the deal that every U.S citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work determination and initiative’’. Through the years the American dream has changed or evolved. It might have been more simply in the early years. The ideal citizen for the american dream would be wealthy or financially stable. This people that were living the old school american dream had, a lot of kids , a big house , and a nice car. Now you don't really need kids or a nice car to be considered wealthy. This generation base your wealth mostly by appearance. If you have the latest designer wear on your consider wealthy but that doesn't really mean your successful. Money has a big role in success but I feel that success is about you and how u feel about your life personally.

      The definition of the american creed,’’ is the title of a resolution passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on April 3, 1918. It is a statement written in 1917 by William Tyler as an in into a patriotic contest. This definition is basically like the oath that america and the people stand by. Each person that moves to america come for this great American creed. America has a variety of races and cultures in its society. Many countries do not have a diverse or a as diverse economy as america. This is a big reason people move here. The people that move here come here for the benefits from democratic government. Each individual citizen has the ability to own land and become rich. These are the two things that people have that considers them living the american dream. From my personal knowledge people came here to buy land and earn money. The american creed and the american dream have two similarities. Land and money is the requirements to gain access to the american creed or american dream. America may not be perfect country and the people may not be kind but America gives people hope. I was born and raised in america this is my home but when i hear the name American i think of the last four letters which spell I CAN!




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