My American Creed is based on how I feel about the United States flag and how I feel about people mistreating it. I talk about how important it is and what it is used for. The flag means a lot and I'm here to tell you why.

            ~The Flag~

Today , people look at the flag as a symbol for the US,

However sometimes it’s sad,

The flag is not always a “good” thing to everyone,

Because some would treat it bad.

Some will hang it up in front of their house,

Some would even step on it,

Some would have it in their car window,

And some would tare it down while their getting lit.

But let me tell you what the flag means to me,

It is a great way to express the US pride,

If someone said the flag really didn’t mean anything,

I’m here to tell you they told a bold face lie.

America is a great place to live,

It is the only country you can actually be free,

Freedom is a great way to live,

What person in their right mind wouldn’t be want to be.

The flag is colorful,

Red, White and Blue,

If someone said it has 50 stars on it,

I’m here to tell you they are right.

We sing the national anthem at basketball games,

And we are supposed to face towards the flag,

Some would sit down during the song,

And treat the flag like it’s some type of rag.

The US had the first man to travel to the moon,

Isn’t that exciting he was from here,

He put the flag on the moon,

To let everyone know the US was there.

The flag means a lot,

That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you,

If we honestly didn’t have the flag,

What would we do?

Coming to a conclusion,

It is so many things I can say,

If i had the time,

I would tell you 1 million reasons why the flag is important today. 




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