My writing peace is about the soldiers in our military that do not get the respect and recognition they deserve. Our soldiers defend are country to keep us safe and for us to have freedom. Our american soldiers risk everything they have to protect the country they love.

Men and women in the army do not get the credit they deserve. The men and women in the army who serve are country to make sure we have freedom so we are not put in danger. The image I thought of was two men and two women standing together and they all have one hand placed on the american flag and they are raising it in the sky. This symbolizes that we have men and women who are fighting for our country risking their lives in so many different ways to keep us safe and for us to live in a free and happy country. You can become anything you want because we have those opportunities from our soldiers who defend our country. People that live in america do not recognize what these soldiers do for us they have families and they are risking their lives for us. To me personally people take it for granted and don’t pay attention to it as much as other things. These soldiers are going to afghanistan and and fighting people who are trying to take are freedom away. The brave men and women who fight for us and who have died for us deserve the utmost respect for what they do for our country. In my image I have two men and two women for a reason. Being in the military is not just for men it is for anyone so showing that women can fight for our country just as equally as any man could was important to me. that is why in that picture they are all equal. Our soldiers are coming together to make are country stronger and to protect the people they love and protect the country they love.




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