This talks about how overall communication is what made America and ultimately it makes people an American.

I think actively communicating with everybody, especially your neighbors, is what it means to be an American. I think it is important and vital to our country to communicate with each other so we can all be actively helping our community. Helping each other is what I think America is truly about and how we became the nation we are today. If we don’t realize or if we forget the importance of the progress our country made due to communication, then our nation will not strive. I am one of the, what I assume, few people who are close with their neighbors. My neighbors and my family help each other out all the time, like if we need like some ingredient for something that we are making we can call and ask them for it, if they have it they will give it to us. Also if someone needs something fixed people will try to help fix whatever is needing to be fixed. And most of the time if you look out of your window you will most likely see neighbors talking to each other, and it is just a good sense of community. That is just one of the many examples of what it means to be an American, another example of what it means to be an American is, that you help and support people, even if you do not know them.

At school is where people who might not typically get support and help at home or in their neighborhood. Students can ask for help from their teachers and their peers. Students communicate with each other verbally and over the phone. We get help for one another for schoolwork, if someone doesn’t understand the topic or what’s going on in class and the teacher is busy, then classmates will typically ask another student for help or explanation. Sometimes students will help each other without being asked. Teachers help students all the time by providing more detailed explanation if something doesn’t make sense the way that they’re teaching it at that current moment. Teachers will come early to school if we can’t stay after school for help, and when we can’t come early, they will stay after school to help use too. Teachers give students multiple different ways to try and learn something, just in case it didn’t make sense the way that they first showed the students.

Parents, they play the biggest role in our lives. They shape us into the people we are today, how they raised us tends to lead us to the type of people we befriend, seek support, and help from. Although we think that our friends or some other significant figure in our lives gives us the ultimate sense of community, we have forgotten the huge sense of simple community that our parents give us. They show us how to communicate with people, they also help us express ourselves, that will help us ease our way into different types of communities.

There are many different ways to be a part of a community by just stopping to help someone. It may seem insignificant or you don’t even notice it, but that’s what America is made of, people in communities helping each other. So being a part of a community is what makes someone an American.




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