three different people with different perspectives.

In this writing there is going to be three different people with three different perspectives about America. In the film American Creed, Condoleezza Rice values family, David M. Kennedy values breaking generational cycles of poverty, and Deidre Prevett values education. Even though they all have different perspectives, they are all Americans living the American dream.

The first person we are going to talk about is “Condoleezza Rice,” who today is professor of political science at Stanford. In the past in her family her grandfather escaped poverty because he was the first generation to go to college. He used to be a farmer but because he tried his best in his study and his family support him he was capable to escape and be better for the next generation. Thanks to her grandfather, Grandaddy Rice, Condoleezza was capable to have an opportunity and be better in life. She served as Secretary of State for President George W. Bush. She becomes something better in her family than the previous generation. For all of this, she and her family’s past, her perspective is about the family because the support of a family can help more to improve and have more reason to do something.

Now from our second person we are going to talk about “David M. Kennedy” who became a professor of History at Stanford University. He was also the 1st generation in his family to go in college. But in the bass his father who use to work in the war and from there they start a company, but passing the time his company they star to loss and stay in bankruptcy, from that experience they decide not be like his dad and they decide to study hard and from that he become 1st generation in his family and also somebody important and become some better of how it was his father before they lose everything his father did; From all of that experience his perspective it was to become better and try they best to make that and he did it to make that possible.

And now from our last and third person to talk about is “Deidre Prevett.” Who is a 5th generation to go in college, and be a Native American, and also who is a principal in a school, and who she feel lucky for not live poverty like some of her kids in her school they are passing through, and even some of her kids they always come in a late time in school or others they have to left because they parent they move where the rent is more chip, and for all of that they always trey they kids to continue they learning be in the level they have to be, for all of that they perspective they have is about the education, the study because of that they can be capable to escape the poverty and try to be some better like her family did in the past.

In conclusion, all of this and for these three different perspectives they have their own meaning and experiences that each one has for having that perspective about America.




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