I believe that there are certain traits that all Americans should try to embody. We are a great nation of the people and will continue to be successful because of the people and our actions.

America is a nation that was established by the people, for the people, and with the people. For about 250 years, citizens have advocated for change and won rights for minority cultures that were not given at the country’s beginning. The American Dream has become more possible and the country has continued to follow its identity. I believe that there are four key traits that all Americans should embody.

  1. Hard Work: The American Dream is known as something that requires hard work and dedication. This country was founded when we built it up by ourselves. Americans know that hard work is required for the greatness of individuals and the country. It has shown that working hard can create great opportunities for those that live in America. It is well respected and those who seek education or other ways to better themselves will often be successful.
  2. Service: Our country is the way it is today because so many people have worked for people other than themselves. They have volunteered their time and effort to causes that help the greater good. Whether that involves being in the military or helping out at the local nursing home, we do our part to make our lives better. This trait is a major part of how our country runs well.
  3. Acceptance: In America, most of us have come from other countries around the world. We’ve created a republic that governs for the people, by the people, and with the people. Everyone is now represented, despite our differences. The country’s population experienced growth from immigration across the world in Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. The acceptance of new ideas, cultures, and people let us grow exponentially. 
  4. Compromise: Despite our differences, we’ve been able to compromise and come together whenever problems arise. When the country was started, factions formed and debated certain issues and whether the Constitution should be ratified or not. Even with all of their disagreements, they talked them over and made compromises like the Great Compromise for a bicameral legislature. Whenever arguments start, Americans should be able to have civil conversations with one another in order to come together and make well-informed decisions.

These four traits together make up the American people. In order for us to succeed, we need to continue to embody them. Today, the media is making citizens become more polarized than ever before. Everyone is looking for an us vs. them scenario instead of trying to come together. We need to stop this to improve our nation. Compromise and acceptance need to occur and the people of the United States need to work hard to improve. We will all be serving our country by coming together. Overall, these four traits help to achieve the American Dream and are involved in my American Creed.




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2nd Block AP Gov

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