The idealogy of the American Dream.

       The American Dream is a long standing motivator for people all around the world, and in general is many of the ideas that the American ideologies hold to heart. It represents the hard work, determination, equal opportunity, and success that America allows to prosper in its country. In history, the American Dream is taught in many different ways, which in general help reflect the diverse perspectives and experiences individuals do to pursuit a better life.

       The ideologies of the American Dream evolves with time even, where during difficult social or economic times. Today, it focuses on the personal progress on work and wealth. The idea is that working hard in America will get you to great lengths in society. And in general, extends the freedom of your potential as an American citizen. People now seek meaningful careers, a sense of belonging, and the freedom to express their individuality while contributing to the betterment of society.

         The Symbols and rituals we are all accustomed to play a significant role in expressing the American Dream.  Symbols like the American flag, which is shown nearly everywhere around the world, is a symbol of unity and represents the ideals of liberty, equality, and justice for all. It serves as a reminder of all the shared values of the American dream. Other symbols, like The Statue of Liberty, represent the nation's welcoming spirit, and its history with cooperation and welcomeness to as a safe place for immigrants seeking refuge and opportunity.

     The American Dream has served a way to inspire generations of Americans to pursue their goals in life and to in general strive for a better future. It represents the belief that with power of hard work, equal opportunity, and freedom you can change the world.




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