No matter your origin, you are another face that America recognizes as its child. It's not about where you came from, but where you're going should be what people choose to hinge onto. Coming from anywhere going everywhere, should be the automatic thought that comes to our head.

Divided we conquer, but what is the aftermath of unification? No matter your origin, you are another face that America recognizes as its child.

As an illustration, people come from the strangest of places, be it Nigeria, Syria, France, Russia, or Brazil, but they still Eat, Sleep, and Breathe what it means to be an American. Think of the refugees that would die to be here and accepted by us, for this is the land of opportunity. Once a fraction of them get here they drench themselves in beliefs and knowledge withheld by the average American. This truly makes them part of the family, and this blood between you and I becomes thicker with time. Gloria Estefan and her family fled Cuba during the Cuban Revolution after the rise of Fidel Castro. Her father was a political prisoner in following the Bay of Pigs Invasion and chose to serve the U.S. Army in Vietnam. Once Gloria made it here in 1960, she became a beloved singer and songwriter held close to the American people’s hearts.

Accordingly, people from all over the world would die for a life in America, and to uphold the rights and responsibilities of any other citizen. Sami Khalil Ashour and his family came all the way from Syria to Central Texas for greener pastures in this xanadu. Many hard working and generous Americans donated bicycles to his five children. The family was also given a brand new van to start off on the right foot. They have been absolute model citizens since this act of kindness was gifted to them. This proves that loyalty comes in all shapes and sizes, and the American creed is respected by even the most diverse corners of our society. A strong bond was constructed within these fourtunate people’s lives the moment they set off on their journey for opportunity. Making history, breaking walls, stepping higher, these people are venturing out for a more suitable life not only for themselves but for their family: and that alone is the American creed.

Likewise, these breaths of fresh air have as much potential to be remembered in history books as you or me. “I think it enriches our country to have refugees here,” said Madeleine Albright who was the first female Secretary of State. But this highly influential woman is also a refugee. During World War II, Madeleine and her parents fled their homeland of Czechoslovakia to escape the Nazi’s tyrannical rule. Fulfilling the call of duty that they have come so far to answer is enough to make anybody a hero. Some may call those who are not typical to America vultures feeding off of the scraps of what we used to be, but America has grown stronger and better equipped for any situation with its new arsenal of personalities, cultures, voices, and faces.

Consequently, you are welcome without a shadow of a doubt, and with this freedom bestowed upon you, our arms and hearts will open. But most importantly, our eyes will open to the plight of your undying passion for the freedoms that we so often take for granted. No matter your name, gender, skin, or language you can strengthen the machine if you would only try.




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