I am white

I am a woman

In a country that is supposed to be for equality

I am given privilege

I am given advantage


when others fight

When others struggle on the same premises as I do

When we think of equality,

We think of fairness

We believe in justice

Then why,

is skin color such a big deal

Why do we as a people ignore the advantages we are given,

and the advantages taken away from others

We are in desperate need for a change

But how when our society is so blinded?

Because in the end everyone is equal

Even if not understood by all

Everyone deserves a chance

Empathy is key,

so keep an open mind

for this is the first step

to understanding

the inequality that exists in this country

Morehead Writing Project

Dr. Deanna Mascle's Fall 2018 Writing I Classes

Dr. Deanna Mascle's Fall 2018 Writing I Classes

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