My family connects to the American Creed in many ways. We are just thankful to be free.

My family connects to the American Creed in several ways. My family history connects to native Americans and they believe in older American ways. Also, my grandparents provided crops for America. I have a few family members that served in the armed forces also. This is three reasons why my family connects to the American Creed.

My family is connected to native Americans and believe in older American values and ways. My mamaws, momma’s momma was half Cherokee and my pawpas dad was Native american. My family believes in working hard for freedom and what you want. My family believes that everyone should have rights and should be punished for breaking the law. We believe in respecting others and doing the right thing.

My papaw raised crops like tobacco and corn that provided for Kentucky. My other pawpa had a recycling company, a skating rink, a diner, and a bunch of other stuff. They both provided a service to Kentucky by providing tobacco to make tobacco products and corn to feed cattle. My family provided entertain with the skating rink and diner. My family connects to the American Creed by providing services America.

Another thing that contributes to my American Creed is my family members and friends in the armed forces. My pawpa on my dads side served in the Army and my uncles Nellson, George, and Lemay served in the Army. Also, my uncle White served in the Marines. I know at least one served during wartime. All of them served so we could be free.

My family is connected to the American Creed by having Native American blood and older American values. My pawpa Webb raised crops, and my papaw Goodleft had different kinds of small businesses that provided for America. I have papaw and uncles that served in the Army and Marines. All of these things connect me to the American Creed.




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