This video explains how service men and women, similar to my ancestors, selflessly risk their lives in order for people to live out their American Creed.

When we were all met with the question, “make a project about your American creed” I was lost. First off, I had no idea what the American creed was or what it meant. After defining what my American creed was, I had no idea on what topic to choose. I was very interested in connecting my American creed to my family because they have raised me to value certain things that make up my American creed. The problem was, I had no idea how I was going to support how my family connects to my American creed. I was very inspired by my classmates with a knowledge of their ancestry and where their ancestors came from. This knowledge is important because you are able to learn more about your family and where your parents got their values from. I immediately assumed that I did not have an interesting family tree because I am 100% American. Little did I know, after talking with my mom, she insisted that I talked with my Grandpa because he set up a list with all of my ancestors dating back to the Spanish-American War and their time in service. My ancestry has a strong involvement in the military, which is one ideal I wanted to highlight because they were fighting during a time of distress and governments were still establishing rights. This project was such an eye-opening experience because I had no idea that my family had an interesting story. Inevitably, this made my project much more enjoyable because I was able to connect to my American creed due to the fact that I now am very knowledgeable on my ancestry. I wanted to highlight the importance of service men and women like my ancestors who selflessly risk their lives in order for other people to live out their American creed. If it wasn't for the men and women who risk their lives daily no one would be able to live out their American creed. This made me focus on the importance of basic human rights because my ancestors were fighting for what they had, which is really inspiring because I could never imagine a world without basic human rights. 





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