Sometimes the best way to discover a person's American creed is through the way they help their community and relate with the people in need around them.

Although there are other ways to express ideals, a person's American Creed can best be revealed through their actions. Alicia White created Project Petals to help young people in her community connect with adults with a career path they are interested in. Her goal is to “alleviate the socio-economic divide” by providing funding and education to lower-income communities (see This emphasizes her American creed is giving back to her community and bringing generations together. Her passion is helping disadvantaged people, which reveals that she cares about including and welcoming everyone in America. In 2017, she established the Builders Program in Queens, New York in order to encourage children and teenagers to get involved with architecture and construction. This demonstrates that she knows how necessary it is to provide children with career education opportunities from an early age. She cares about the well-being and future lives of the people she helps.

Begin Again Backpack is a program in Missouri that collects donations for children in foster care so they can be prepared for school (see The organization believes in equal opportunity for students to help them perform their very best. This illustrates that they view America to be welcoming and comforting, especially in the public school system which helps these children grow into strong individuals. The community also has an important role to play by donating and volunteering to be better involved. Volunteering helps the rest of the community understand and bond with underprivileged children in the foster care system. While this is very important for children, Begin Again Backpack expresses through this that their American creed is uniting communities and building resilience in all members of it.

The Salvation Army is a well known religious organization that helps in a wide variety of ways. They provide safety and security while reaching out to the community without any discrimination. Some of the main ways they contribute are raising money and helping with homelessness, addiction, and disaster relief (see Their core values are helping the people around them any way they can, and getting the rest of the community interacting. The hands-on approach they have is very effective in spreading kindness and generosity throughout America, because the organization is so wide spread.

This is a 10th grade PreAP Honors English 10 class co-taught with AP U.S. history.

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