This is my take on what it means to be an American.

Have you ever wondered about what it means to be an American? It can mean many things. Some may argue that it means to legally live in the United States. Others may argue that is has a more abstract or metaphorical meaning. But to be an American truly means that we have great freedom and we need to respect and remember where we came from but focus on where we are going.

In the first place, realizing you have great freedom is an essential part of being an American. It is one of the great things about living in this country. Our country is like a melting pot for many cultures from all over the world. The main thing that drew them here is the freedom to settle and start a new life. They controlled their future and that is still true today. It is more or less a tradition our ancestors have followed, so realizing the freedom for yourself is only doing you part as an American.

Correspondingly. with the freedom to be whatever we want comes, remembering our past. We should let what has happened in our past and our parents past drive us. It should drive us to be better than our predecessors, so we need to stay focused on where we are headed If you were poor growing up, you should strive to go to college and get a well paying job. Not only will you be a satisfied and accomplished person, but you are helping our country progress.

In conclusion, being an American can mean many things to many people. Some may a have a literal stance. Others may take a more metaphorical approach. No matter who you are or how you look at it, being an American truly only means one thing. You must understand the special freedom that you have and remember your past while focusing on your future.




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