To be an American is to have unlimited possibilities, be different and unique, and to unite with your community.

What does it mean to be an American? To be an American is to have unlimited possibilities, be different and unique, and to unite with your community. In America, anything is possible if you follow your dreams. In America, everyone is unique. We all come from different places, since America is “the country of immigrants”. Even though we are all different, we can still unite with our community and work together to achieve anything.

Firstly, this wonderful country allows anyone and everyone to be or do whatever they strive to do (as long as it is within the law, of course).If you worked hard enough, you could make millions out of anything. Even something like plumbing could make a person filthy rich. For example, a former mayor of New York and billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, made a lot of money off of it. Instead of paying a 40 or 50 thousand dollar tuition for a good-paying job, just go into plumbing and you can make up to 100k a year and become a millionaire in no time with a simple savings account and no college education.

Next, in America we are all different and unique in our own way. Since the population is mostly made up of immigrants, everyone is special in their own way. No one is the same. You don’t have to be a “purebred” American to be successful. Immigrants come to America all the time in search of a better life and more opportunities. You or your ancestors once came here for those things, and so did everyone else living here. Take pride in being different.

Finally, even though we are all different, we can still work together with the people around us. Uniting together is what made the country, and what is continuing to improve it. Living in unity makes it possible to achieve anything, such as our independence from Great Britain. All the people that wanted to escape the country in search of a better life came together and fought for their independence and a better life in America. Even today we are still united and working toward greatness.

To conclude, living in America provides you with many advantages. You are given infinite possibilities. You can be different, and still accepted by your community. No matter how different or unique, everyone can unite for a common goal and achieve anything. Be proud of you heritage and be proud of your country.




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