This is an expository essay about what it feels like to be an American.

 Have you ever wondered what it felt like to be an American? Just a heads up, being an American is fantastic.To be an American, it means to be able to have freedom from everyone else and being treated the same as any others.

For example, on November 19, 1836…. President Abraham Lincoln once said, “ all men are equal”. Which just means no matter what race you are everyone should be treated the equally the same. Just because someone isn’t the same skin tone as you that doesn’t mean you can criticize them.

Next, when being an american you don’t just get treated equally, but you also have the freedom you deserve. When you have freedom you are able to say whatever you want, do whatever you want (unless it’s illegal) but all in all becoming an american you have the choice to become free. No matter what you control you and only you.

In conclusion, when one considers freedom and equality, it is clear to see that America is a place with peace and friendships. I believe that in the future America will become the place to come to when people want the best life they can get. Living peaceful, free and equal is what everyone should deserve, and so do you.  




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