In this Op-ed I will be explaining My Family's and Community's American creed, stating what it means to me and what it mean to my family and community. I asked a few people about what American creed means to them.

I feel like American creed is something different for everyone, and really depends on your amount of motivation you have to achieve your goal. My American creed is money, and success in life, being able to live comfortability and not have to worry about struggling financially.

As for my family I believe that their American creed is just to see their children succeed in life and not have to go through all the things that they went through at our age. As for my community, I would say that I am a part of multiple communities, one being my school ASU Prep and if had to describe our American Creed, I would say that our main mission is to graduate high school and go off to a 4 year university, and our actions that we take to meet that goal in time is working hard 8 hours a day, preparing for our standardized test, and most importantly Cambridge. Another community that I am apart of is the latin side of me, and I feel like our American creed is to get better, we've come so far away from home just to live a more successful life, and to help out our families for the next generations. 




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