This essay is about the link between being creative and a happier, more successful life.

I believe that creativity leads to a happier life. Do you have a good outlet for stress? Drawing can be that outlet. Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved doing art, especially drawing and painting. Recently, doing art has become a great outlet for my stress and self doubt. When I’m having a bad day, I’ll often resort to drawing because it gives me something to focus on. Including details in the art that I make, helps me forget about the stressful obstacles in my life temporarily. Sometimes, I even look through my old sketchbooks from the last few months, or even a year ago. Looking at my older art helps relieve any self-doubt that I have because it shows how much better I have gotten, and what I can improve.

Do you love your job? I believe that pursuing a creative career can help someone love their job and become a happier person. My mom has always been interested in art, just like I have. She went to art school and ended up becoming a passionate graphic designer. She often takes on voluntary projects, like designing flyers for school events. When I’m making a presentation for school, my mom will always give me color suggestions, how to word paragraphs, and even ways to place pictures in my slides because she’s so used to making things look good online at work every day. As stressful as having a job can be, I can tell that my mom loves her job, and people who enjoy what they do are often happier and more successful.

Being creative can also lead to a happier life because people can express themselves through many different art forms. Some of those forms include art and music. I’m passionate about both of these things, and believe that they have helped me express myself in a number of ways. I took art as my elective, as well as jazz ensemble as an extracurricular activity to continue playing clarinet. When I went to the first jazz ensemble practice, I did not know very many people. As the year went on, I started talking to the kids I played music with more and more. Even though all of the practices were before school, and we had a few last-minute performances, I had a lot of fun this year because I was involved in music. I also play the piano outside of school. When playing piano, I get to learn more complex pieces that aren’t just out of a book. I’ve improved tremendously over the past year or two, because I look forward to practicing more now. I also like to look back and realize how much I’ve actually improved since I first picked up my clarinet to play, and played my keyboard for the first time when I was in third grade.

I believe that people should come in touch with their creative side. Many people today tend to forget about their creativity because they rarely express themselves, and can sometimes be mocked for being different. Creativity also requires effort, and many people can miss out on something new due to laziness. Simple things, like drawing, writing, or even reading can make a huge difference. I believe that people should become more creative to start living happier and more successfully.  




Royal Oak High School Lundy Language Arts

Angela Lundy's ELA 9 classes 2017-18.

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