The importance of what it is to say the truth, giving a different point of view to the stereotype that most people have on this subject.

 our experiences of telling the truth when we did something bad or even how we felt about it with a bad situation.

Besides, everyone defines the truth in their own way and from my experiences I want to talk about certain things that happened to me because I did not speak the truth and even when I spoke with the truth.

The truth is often hard, many want to hear but very few say it. The truth is often difficult and even more so when it is about someone close to us, in immeasurable situations the truth is so hard that it seems that your world is destroyed.

"There are three things that can not be hidden for a long time:

The sun, the moon and the truth. "(Buddha).

But it is true that when our mothers quote the phrase "always tell the truth", not in the sense that if you do something wrong you have to say it to punish you, no, telling the truth goes beyond that. Telling the truth is more than that, the truth is simple and in many occasions you just have to be brave to say it but do not think about what you can lose, if not what you can win.

"The truth will set you free, although first it will make you miserable." (James A. Garfield).

Telling the truth would CHANGE your way of seeing life, from two points, life has its happy and happy side but it also has its sad and hard side, some people stay on the difficult side of life when they should know that it is full world of possibilities and tell the truth will help you to know the reality of the situation you live and especially how are the people around you.

The truth could even END with the things that torment you, to be more specific, if you go through a crisis you just have to say what you feel with someone but tell the truth of the situation and you will get help.

"The truth is totally interior. We do not have to look for it outside ourselves or want to carry it out fighting with violence with external enemies".( Mahatma Gandhi).

The truth is difficult but sometimes it is the one. 




Royal Oak High School Lundy Language Arts

Angela Lundy's ELA 9 classes 2017-18.

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