The American Dream is Achieved by Hard Work

The American Dream is Achieved by Hard Work

I believe if you want to attain the American Dream, you have to work very hard to attain it. The American dream doesn’t come to people who are lazy and people that don’t want to get a good job and an education. You can achieve the American dream with no education but with hard work. For instance, if an immigrant comes to America, from any country, to achieve the American dream and to have a better life, they will need to first, find a job and work really hard from there. It will require a lot of work but that’s why the American dream is so great, it doesn’t just come to everyone, but everyone has the chance to attain it, no matter your background. Although, it will be harder for some people to get the American dream.

In my opinion, if you live in the U.S. and haven’t gotten to your “American dream,” yet, keep working for it. Although I´m not old enough to have pursued a career in something and attain the American dream, I know that if I work hard in school and get good grades, I will have an easier life when I´m an adult. The land of the free allows anyone to attain the American dream, so take it and work for it. Although the American dream can be achieved by anyone, there is a big problem about it in America, that is unequal opportunity. People in poor, poverty stricken neighborhoods will have a harder time getting the American dream than people living in a wealthy neighborhood. For example, children living in Birmingham or Bloomfield hills will have an advantage of getting a better education, job and ultimately an easier route to achieving the American dream than a child growing up in a poor Detroit neighborhood, and sadly, that’s just how to world works. Poor children still have the opportunity to achieve the American dream. So do new immigrants and disabled people. It will come easier to some people but the whole point of the American dream is to work hard and achieve your dream. This I believe.




Royal Oak High School Lundy Language Arts

Angela Lundy's ELA 9 classes 2017-18.

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