This is a poem that brings all my ideas about mass incarceration, the issues towards felonies' rights ,and the impact this has on the American dream in one piece of writing. I have also added an illustration I drew to further push these ideas.

An Issue unknown to the general population is the prison system,
People Often focus on Law and Order candidates for politicians,
This allows for Mass Incarceration, a toxin radiating within the nation,
Families, communities, people have been broken up all because of profitization,
We have men sleeping in their own excrement,
That estimate always somehow seems irrelevant,
How come we never mention it,
People are still people, and they are worth a defendant,
It's ridiculous that they let the statistics trick us,
Malicious that big businesses tell us less,
Especially when they have prisoners to profit and scoff it over like it's nothing as it is,
Humorous to even think drugs is equivalent to something murderous,
There are bad people, but not all deserve the same punishment, that's dubious,
People can change, be forgiven, they can be true to us,
But they rejoin society branded as a felon, are you uneducated about what that is?

A felon finds it extremely hard to find a profession,
A felons every action is watched often by police operation,
Don't they get the unalienable rights of the constitution?
Well, let me make a ground-breaking confession,
They don't get life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness, is that what's right to them?
One dealing with a hard drug, thousands in fines, years and prison, then this position?
That is a broken system, and I want to break the engagement,
People that are targeted by this system are being denied the American Dream,
Although change is not as simple as it seems,
We as Americans need to fix this in the best way we deem,
We need to push towards politicians who want this reform,
Why does Law and Order have to be the societal norm?
Everyone is a person, and a population is going through hell because of that source,
Of course we Americans have a voice that can interrupt,
And reform is coming, we will fix our broken America, I'm just waiting for us to erupt.

Morehead Writing Project Dr. Deanna Mascle's Fall 2019 Writing I Classes

First-year writing students at Morehead State University

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