Acts of selfless service are the best way to show your American Creed through action.

Acts of selfless service are the best way to show your American Creed through action. There are many opportunities for those wishing to give back to their communities whether large or small. Simple things like cleaning up your environment, and respecting others that use it is a great way to start. Small actions such as picking up trash, may inspire many others to do the same, creating a community which looks out for others and respects the environment. The greatest thing about service is that your actions help not only just you, but all those around you as well.

As Americans, we may not all share the same background whether that be ethnicity, religion, economic status, or education. One thing we do have in common is the goal of a living a better life than we did yesterday and helping others to do the same. At certain points in your life, you will be in positions in which you need help, and positions in which you are able to give the help. This included helping an individual, or a group or organization. All acts of service help the community and strengthen your bond with others.

The greatest level of service, in my opinion, are the men and women who serve their country in the armed forces. Those people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for each other, and the country have truly exemplified what it means to preform selfless service. Devoting your life to the betterment of the country, and securing the freedoms of its people, is not an easy task. Their American Creed is to protect those by their side, and those back at home that are supporting them. Selfless service is the highest calling of action for any American.

The last thing a person can do to express their American creed is to act in their government, whether local or federal. For those citizens over 18 that are registered to vote, they should exercise their freedom. Not every country grants its citizens the rights to vote. Voting allows you to have a say in the decisions made that will affect you, even if your vote seems insignificant. If you are under the age of 18, you can write to your representatives, about any concerns or ideas you have. You can also educate yourself, so when you are of age to vote, you will have formed opinions on your own information rather than what you hear from others.




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