My American Creed showcases how Americans are united by their characteristics, including their ambition and drive, their uniqueness, their acceptance of others, and their possession of kindness.

A - Accepting

M - Motivated

E - Engaged

R - Risk-takers

I - Individualistic

C - Caring

A - Adaptable

N - Neighborly 

To achieve one's dreams, an American weighs on motivation, engagement, and risk-taking. Collectively, this ambition and drive ultimately leads to one's chance at the American Dream, and helps them build their future in the United States. Additionally, this country is renowned as a melting pot. Its citizens are all incredibly diverse, and consist of all sorts of cultures and backgrounds. Also, citizens are provided opportunities to pursue all sorts of unique lifestyles, characterizing this individualistic aspect of this nation. To unite these Americans into a whole, possession of adaptability and tolerance is required between all people. This also ties to the traits of being caring and neighborly. Showing kindness is a moral standard everyone should abide by, and comprises the ultimate American. Together, these traits display the ideal American figure we should all aspire to be, that also can unite us as one.




Bay High School 4th Block

4th Block AP Gov

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