We were tasked with having to answer one of the many invitations about the American Creed. I took the American Flag and imported images of my friends and family, together as Americans, we make up a democracy which is an American ideal/belief that most Americans believe in.

When you look at the American Flag, what do you normally think of? When I look at the American flag, for me it symbolizes lots of things. To me, the American flag is a symbolic representation of America’s nation and the American government as a whole. The American government represents the American people because the government is based on a democracy. So the American flag represents the ideals of the American people and the government that is democracy. An ideal that represents the American people is democracy, therefore democracy plays an important role for America. An American Creed is important in creating America as a whole, since the democracy is what makes up the American government being apart of America’s identity. We get to choose as American who we want to represent us as a whole. Looking at the flag almost every morning saying the pledge of allegiance I think of everyday about our how free our country is, and what our flag represents to me. It shows how we are all one union that gets to choose freely who gets to lead us as our president. I think about how others fought for the type of freedom that we have today. And every single day, we are reminded of the sacrifice others made for us to live in the land of hope and opportunity for everyone. And the artwork that I chose to me, really shows how everyone in America gets to choose, and how everyone is free to thanks to others who helped us get to where we are today. Together, as a whole we are able to complete all these things. Growing into a great working democracy during the all those years, and how we fought for the independence that we deserved.





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